KINEMATICS OF TRAUMA: Understanding the Destructive Force of Trauma

Thursday - 9:00 - 10:00am
Trauma starts with the transfer of energy to the body from an outside force. In this lesson the student will learn about Newton’s Law of Motion and apply this information to help predict injuries suffered in traumatic incidents STUDENT OBJECTIVE: At the completion of this course participants will have an understanding of kinematics of trauma. Participants will be able to utilize this knowledge and successfully use kinematics of trauma/mechanism of injury to assess and treat individuals who has suffered a traumatic injuries COURSE OBJECTIVES • Discuss the destructive nature of trauma • Identify who is most vulnerable to traumatic injuries • Apply kinematics to predict potential injury patterns • Explain the association between laws of motion, energy and the kinematics of trauma • Apply the principals of kinematics into trauma patient assessment • Compare and contrast injury patters between different types of traumatic events
Joseph Volpe

Joseph Volpe
Allegheny Health Network