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Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Does the CODE EMS Conference offer an early bird registration discount.

No. With this years event being in a virtual format, the registration fee of $25.00 will be the same no matter when you register for the event.

Q. How do I become a sponsor for the CODE EMS Conference?

Becoming a sponsor of the CODE EMS Conference is easy. The Sponsorship form is located on the homepage under Resources

Q. Can registered attendees bring a guest?

Since this years event is virtual, there is no guest fee for the event.

Q. Will I be able to register for Conference attendance the day of?

Registration for our virtual event will be accepted until Wednesday, October 14.

Q. I am an out of state EMS Practitioner, am I entitled to Continuing Education Credits?

The CODE EMS Conference will provide you with a transcript of all educational sessions that you attended, this transcript can then be forwarded to your local - state EMS office for consideration of credits.

Q. What is the CODE EMS Conference refund policy?

With this years event being virtual, there is no refund policy in place. Any refund requests made will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

Q. How long will I have to view the recorded sessions?

Recorded sessions will be available to registered guest through November 14, 2020

Q. Will I need to utilize time off from my employer to join in on the virtual conference?

This is entirely up to each of our guest, however several sessions, including live webinars, live Facebook sessions and raffles will occur in real time, you may want to join us for these events.